zubkavich (zubkavich) wrote,

Zub Kid Drawing: The Marvel Universe

Stacy and I are in the midst of a big clean up, slowly going through room by room and reorganizing/purging stuff. It's unbelievable to me that we've only been in the house a couple years but have already accumulated so much stuff.

Anyways, as I was going through old artwork and portfolio cases I came across this crazy piece of obsessiveness:

Click for larger version

On the back it's dated April 9th, 1989 so I was 12 years old. Obviously I was also a complete comic nut for the Marvel Universe. I recall working my ass off on this, trying to fit in as many characters as possible.

Some funny details:
- Cloak and Dagger are in there, but Cloak is just a corner of his, uh, cloak.
- Apparently I thought Archangel was cool because he's way bigger than a lot of other well known Marvel characters.
- All the characters are their late 80's versions, including Dr. Strange with his eye patch and Clea as Mistress of the Dark Dimension.
- Nightcrawler has 2 'BAMF' teleport poofs in addition to his full appearance.
- My favourite character, Spider-Man, weirdly gets the shaft in terms of importance on the page.
- It doesn't look right but Ant-Man is actually standing in Captain America's hand.
- Not sure if that's Goliath, the Falcon or someone else behind Archangel.
- The Fantastic Four is, uh, three. No Thing in the pic. No idea why.
- Professor X is just an astrally projected head to save space.
- Behind Thor is the Rainbow Bridge.
- Obscure characters like Boom-Boom, Lockheed, Impossible Man/Woman and Widget are in there instead of far more important ones.

I'll be keeping this somewhere safe. :)

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