zubkavich (zubkavich) wrote,

Just before 10pm last night, right in the middle of chatting with one of my artists and plugging away on work stuff, the power went out. If you e-mailed me last night and wondered why I didn't get back to you, that's why.

This morning we're one of the unlucky homes that still don't have any power. When I woke up to the chill, I was greeted to the joy of a charley horse tearing my left leg up. With wind chill the temperature this morning is -30 (-22 Fahrenheit), which is crazy even for Toronto.

Stacy and I stumbled around in the dark, got dressed and then I drove her to work because the subway wasn't running in our area. Now I'm up at the college so that I have some heat and an internet connection and can get some work done. I've got bags under my eyes, I'm unshaven, my leg is throbbing, my head hurts and I forgot my cel phone at home. Today is officially awesome.

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