January 29th, 2009

Sad Chicken

Kawa Yee

I know I've been blabbing a lot about our Manga For Kids stuff lately, but I've got one more tidbit on it before I'm quiet for a while. We've got a mascot-ish character I designed for the line.

He's a red panda named Kawa Yee (which purposefully sounds like 'kawaii', the Japanese word for 'cute'):

I'll be drawing up more poses of this little guy for the site soon.
Sad Chicken

New Comics

With everything else going on I haven't had a chance to post about a few comics I've read recently.

Too Cool To Be Forgotten: A straight forward story about high school nostalgia and that feeling of what you'd change if you could do it all over again. It pushes past the cliches you expect and resonates with some impressive emotion by the end. I was surprised at how much the story pulled me in. The front cover done up like a cigarette pack is eye-catching and well put together to boot.

Nextwave: Given my obsession with all things Marvel when I was growing up, it's mind boggling how long it took me to get around to reading this. It's fantastic. Warren Ellis cherry picks the strangest and most surreal parts of the Marvel universe and cranks them up to 11 with frantic energy and delightful characterization. Every couple pages reveal a zanier Marvel cameo or bit of trivia that had me grinning from ear to ear. The fact that Stuart Immonen draws some of the most expressive faces in comics makes it a perfect pairing. Although I'm sad the series only lasted 12 issues, Nextwave definitely doesn't wear out its welcome.

Locke & Key: I read the first trade paperback and was pulled right into this one as well. A tightly wound supernatural story, well-thought out characters and solid artwork make this the best thing IDW is publishing by a landslide. So many bad comics lately read like crappy movie pitches that have no core. Instead, Locke & Key reads like a great movie, period.