January 27th, 2009

Sad Chicken


I wanted to post a long report on how well the Denver Library show thing went last weekend, the Manga For Kids party we hosted, why librarians kick so much ass, the strangeness of Denver and more... but I've been slammed, figuratively and literally.

Figurative: Projects and responsibilities flying fast and furious. Way too much to get done this week before I'm gone again, this time to England for a week as a guest of the Animex UK Festival where Long Vo and I will be talking about how the UDON studio rebuilt the art for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD-Remix.

Projects are ripping along full speed, deadlines are rushing up and I'm creating To-Do lists all over the place as I try not to let things fall through the cracks.

Literal: On my way home from the dentist today a van rear ended my car as I waited to turn a corner, smashing my left tail light, cracking the shit out of my bumper and wedging my trunk closed. No one was hurt (including the pedestrian I barely missed as my car lurched forward) but my hands were shaking as the adrenalin wore off. A bit scary, but okay. I'm not at fault in the slightest and my insurance company was super-duper cool. With a bit of luck I'll be able to drop off the car for repairs and have it all taken care of while I'm away next week. With a bit more luck my back won't punish me tomorrow morning.