January 20th, 2009

Sad Chicken

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Matt's been overseeing the schedule on the Street Fighter comics. I've got to say, having an extra person dealing with the management end of things at UDON has been a life saver. Erik and I were whirling around trying to stay on top of publishing and creative services at the same time and things always fell through the cracks. Now, stuff is spread out better and things get done.

Solicitations are going in on time, scripts are being delivered, ads are laid out, the website's getting updated properly and stuff looks great. Matt just e-mailed me jpeg samples of 8-9 upcoming Street Fighter comic covers, all done and ready to go. WTF. When did all this amazing art get done? This is craziness.

This week Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li #1 hits the stands, our fifth issue in a row to come out on the month it was supposed to.
That may not sound like much but believe me, it is. It is.

When I started at UDON it felt like a clubhouse of talented people who did comics for fun. Stuff came out whenever because client work always took priority over our in-house publishing projects. We had a great reputation in illustration/design but a poor reputation as a dependable publisher. Our schedule now isn't perfect, but it's leagues better than ever before. We've grown up.

This weekend I'm heading to Denver for a library conference, promoting UDON's upcoming UDON Kids line of books for ages 7-12. It's an exciting new initiative that our distributor as well as book sellers and educators seem really pumped about. Our tie-in website Manga For Kids just launched and will be expanding soon.

Things are happening, there's momentum and it feels great.