January 16th, 2009

Sad Chicken

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Just before 10pm last night, right in the middle of chatting with one of my artists and plugging away on work stuff, the power went out. If you e-mailed me last night and wondered why I didn't get back to you, that's why.

This morning we're one of the unlucky homes that still don't have any power. When I woke up to the chill, I was greeted to the joy of a charley horse tearing my left leg up. With wind chill the temperature this morning is -30 (-22 Fahrenheit), which is crazy even for Toronto.

Stacy and I stumbled around in the dark, got dressed and then I drove her to work because the subway wasn't running in our area. Now I'm up at the college so that I have some heat and an internet connection and can get some work done. I've got bags under my eyes, I'm unshaven, my leg is throbbing, my head hurts and I forgot my cel phone at home. Today is officially awesome.