January 12th, 2009

Sad Chicken

Blog Column and Secret Stuff

My Blog@Newsarama column continues. I posted up my 7th linkeroo today. When I get a bit more time I'm going to write an article about art communities and portfolio stuff, but for now it's all been links and brief descriptions to artists who rock my socks.

Here's the archive so far:
Art Link: Intro
Art Link 1: James Jean
Art Link 2: Gabe
Art Link 3: Tracy Butler
Art Link 4: Sean Galloway
Art Link 5: Meredith Gran
Art Link 6: Niko Henrichon
Art Link 7: Travis Charest

I've been told this week they're finally unveiling one of the projects I worked on late last year, so hopefully I'll be able to post artwork and blather about it sooooooon.