January 7th, 2009


Darkstalkers Tribute is a GO

I trekked up to the studio last night to talk all about publishing plans, creative services projects and convention season stuff for 2009. I'm amazed how much stuff is all happening at once. We're crazy.

Given the success and fan glee generated by last year's Street Fighter Tribute book (now on its 2nd printing and back in stock at Diamond), it was natural for us to look at that and say "Wow, lets do that again." When we checked the dates and saw that Capcom's other popular fighting game franchise was celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2009, it all fell into place. So, after much speculation/expectation:

The official full blown announcement won't be until Thursday/Friday but I wanted to give readers on my blog the scoop about it and start the hype.

Click the logo for contest details and a standardized entry form for art submissions. Tell a friend or 12. We learned a lot last year after we were swamped with over 1300 entries in under a month, so this year I think our submission system and mailing list will work much, much better.

Darkstalkers is the underdog of Capcom's IPs, but the fanbase is quite rabid and the characters are distinctive and engaging. Considering that Street Fighter Tribute arrived to rave reviews (including a 5 star rating on Amazon with some really great compliments there) I'm very excited to see the artwork we get this time out.

Anyways, more announcements coming soon but that's the big one right now.