January 5th, 2009

Sad Chicken

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Back at the college, tearing in to admin work, reorganizing my office a bit and getting UDON projects back underway. 2009 is looking like it'll be as busy as ever, which will keep things exciting.

I haven't really nailed down a "New Year's resolution", but here are some things I'd like to accomplish in 2009:

• To keep the momentum rolling at UDON and Seneca.

• To stop planning/sketching and really start a new original comic story, whether that's for a publisher or just posted online. I've got to keep art on the schedule, even if it's not as much as I'd like.

• To organize/participate in more social events, at home or out on the town. Related to that, to get some kind of semi-regular RPG or board game night going at home.

• To improve my teaching/lecturing/presentation skills. I don't want to just mindlessly repeat lectures or anecdotes, I want to understand who I'm talking to and make sure I'm bringing things across in the best way for that particular audience.

• To hone my cooking skills.

• To keep up a solid balance between work and play.

• To show appreciation for the people who help make my life wonderful.