zubkavich (zubkavich) wrote,

New Life Drawing - Session #5

My best figure drawing piece of the night.

The model tonight had an extremely slender pixie-like body and took wonderfully elegant poses but I had trouble translating them to the page. This gesture was the most effective one I pulled off and pleases me quite a bit. The other pics I brought home were competantly done but lacked energy or were far too whispy light to even scan properly, so they all go to the wayside.

I hope I get a chance to draw this model again so I can move past the initial challenge of her unique proportions and really bring forth the cool essence of her poses.

Being ultra-distracted probably didn't help my figure drawing mojo either.

"Distracted by what", you ask?

All details tomorrow. Suffice to say that next week should be quite the adventure. :)

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