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ZORK! Finally I can talk about this!


In late August I was approached by an Ireland-based company called Omac about providing some artwork for a browser-based game they were working on. They couldn't say much until I signed an NDA but they did mention that it involved a classic fantasy property.


Once I found out what they were up to and that they wanted a cartoon style for the game reminiscent of Curse of Monkey Island, I knew I had to be a part of this thing.

So... the teaser website finally went up this morning and I can finally tell everyone.
I'm the lead designer on Legends of Zork!

The teaser website.
The press release.
You can see a bit more art teased on Omac's front page.

I designed all the characters and monsters. I also put together a crew to help create location designs, maps and card artwork for the Double Fanucci card game in the world of Zork. So nerdy wonderful and I've been keeping it a secret for over 4 months. I've carved out a tiny little hole for myself in the cavern of history that is Zork. It's surreal.

Here's the announcement illustration I did up:

Special thanks to Christine Choi for her painting suggestions/palette help on that illo. The pic was all painted up in one crazy night and I was slamming my head against a wall on it until she came to my rescue.

And here's the crew who worked on the game art with me:
Legends of Zork Logo Design: Indigo Kelleigh
Map Design/Icons: Will Makra
Map Colours: Espen Grundetjern
Location Design & Double Fanucci Line Art: Greg 'Cornflake' Brown
Location Colours: Chris Oatley
Colour Flatting: Tom Liu

Now you know! This is why my next graphic novel took a backseat for a bit longer and why my evenings have been extra booked up.
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