zubkavich (zubkavich) wrote,

Best Books

I attended Book Expo Canada today and was on a panel all about retailers stocking graphic novels. The other companies on the panel were much bigger than UDON (Dark Horse, Viz and IDW) but I think that we held our own in terms of offering advice and having a variety of product book buyers could feel confident about stocking.

After the panel, my friend Naseem blindsided me with some great news.

The Canadian Children's Book Centre just released their annual "Best Books for Kids & Teens" guide. As far as I know it's the first year they've had graphic novels in there and there's only 7 listed at that. She flips it open and here's what I see:

Awesome, featured with cover art and everything! That's a heck of a plug. I really hope it reinvigorates book orders from schools and libraries here in Canada. There's been a weird echo of buzz/interest going about the book lately, which is wonderful. I hope it continues.

Otherwise, things are hectic but good. The battle continues.
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